The Rise of Dominic Cummings (Angry Scotland Podcast #35)

Chris, Tucker and Free return to discuss the rise of Boris Johnson’s puppetmaster, Dominic Cummings.

One thought on “The Rise of Dominic Cummings (Angry Scotland Podcast #35)

  1. Well, no, Russia, then the Soviet Union would never work along side the West toward global or regional economic recovery. The Soviet style of communism, like all of that era to today, extreme controls of politics. By now we know Capitalism is an extreme as well, but Democratic Socialism is propagandized poorly by proponents and aggressively dismissed by opponents and the stupid.

    I respond to this at the end of the podcast, most of which I enjoyed, because it’s a tangential addition without time or context to explore or rebutt. I am an American who’s tried to maintain my education of history and balance with an open mind. For example, we know Black history in the U.S. is lacking, as is Native American.

    We know the Marshall Plan was of its time. The knee-jerk anti communism of the U.S. and other Western Nations, hobbled efforts to engage (with strength). The Soviet Union would not be a good example of whom any nation could negotiate on an fair terms. There is nothing fair about the former Soviet Union. That noted, there were inequities that might have had some of the roughest edges smoothed a bit, had the vehemence of anti Soviet sentiment been engaged by level heads. We know that never happened, and the spies ruled the propaganda for decades.

    ‘nuf for now. I just started following the Podcast with this episode. I like what I hear. Thanks.

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